Our team


William D’Auvray

William D’Auvray began his culinary career in Los Angeles working for celebrated chefs Michel Richard, Patrick Healy, and Wolfgang Puck.

He opened his pan-Asian restaurant, Fins, in 1997 to critical acclaim. Fins was named the No. 2 seafood restaurant in the country by Bon Appetit and restaurant of the year in The News & Observer in 2008. William turned Fins into the global street food restaurant, bu.ku, before moving to Florida and Maine as a restaurant consultant.

Lula’s is his first restaurant since returning to NC. It is a tribute to his great-grandmother, Lula, and his ode to creating simple food, the hard way. 

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Harry Ewell

Bar Manager

With his father being the original owner of Spanky’s, Harry was born into the restaurant industry. He began working for Chapel Hill Restaurant Group in 2012 as a food runner at Spanky’s. He spent the next six years working his way up the ranks of Spanky’s and became an integral member of our team. Harry brings an incredible amount of expertise to all areas of front of house while maintaining stellar customer service. With the opening of Lula’s, Harry was the obvious choice as bar manager and collaborated with our general manager, Moriah Glenn and our chef, William D’Auvray to create our signature cocktail menu. 

Moriah Glenn  

General Manager

Moriah began working for Chapel Hill Restaurant Group in 2012 as a host and food runner at Spanky’s while studying at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She instantly fell in love with the restaurant industry and quickly became an essential member of our team. A couple years later she found herself accepting a more permanent position as a bartender and manager after graduating from UNC Chapel Hill in 2015. In July 2017 she happily accepted a position as the floor and bar manager, where she was able to turn her love for managing people, creating craft cocktails, and providing great service into a career. When Spanky’s retired in March of 2018, Moriah was thrilled to be a part of the new concept as the General Manager of Lula’s.