Dessert Samples

Nanny’s Funeral cake

Nanny’s Funeral cake

Old fashioned oatmeal-cherry-walnut cookies

Hello dollies

Brown butter biscuits with vanilla ice cream & fruit

Late season berry cotton cakes (light honey cake with seasonal berry frosting)

Almond Madeleines with powdered sugar

Lemon madeleines

Mini pecan pies

minimum of 3 dozen of each dessert / room minimums apply

selection of three - $8 per person

 Tiramisu puffs

Chocolate roasted almond & brown butter tortes

Mini buttermilk glazed doughnuts

Nanny’s mini funeral cakes (delicious chocolate cake with pecan frosting)

Raised Cinnamon-sugar doughnuts with preserved fruit

Lemon cream puffs

Chocolate crinkle cookies

Raised sugar doughnuts

Raised sugar doughnuts